Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 46

Step 3 PNT all the beads on this side of the component again, pulling your thread tightly as you work. PNT the same beads a third time but tie a knot between each fire-polished bead and Chexx bead pair as you work (a total of six knots). Tie off and trim the working thread. Step 4 Using the tail thread, Repeat Step 3 on the other side of the component (passing your needle through the original holes of the Chexx beads and the first six fire-polished beads). Repeat Steps 1 to 4 to create 23 Chexxagon components. 5 Step 5 - assembling the necklace Using flat-nose pliers, crimp one of the bead chain crimp ends onto the bead chain making sure that it is attached securely (Photo 5). *Thread one 4mm glass pearl, one fire-polished bead and another 4mm glass pearl onto the bead chain (Photo 5a). 5a