Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 45

Combine beadweaving with stringing to create this elegant necklace using the new Chexx beads from Size: Each Chexxagon component measures approximately 2cm in diameter. The necklace measures 64cm but can be made to measure. Techniques used: peyote stitch and stringing Materials (for 64cm necklace) 138 Chexx beads (shade 18549 antique chrome) 300 3mm fire-polished beads (shade 18549 antique chrome) 23 6mm white Preciosa glass pearls 48 4mm white Preciosa glass pearls 6lb smoke Fireline (smoke) Approximately 68cm sterling silver beading chain (0.64 mm diameter). 2 sterling silver bead chain crimp ends 2 6–7mm jump rings 1 clasp Tools Scissors Size 10 to 12 beading needles 2 pairs of flat-nose pliers Abbreviations PU = pick up PNT = put needle through To make Chexxagon components: Step 1 Thread your needle with 50cm of thread and PU one Chexx bead and one fire-polished bead. Repeat a further five times for a total of 12 beads. PNT the same hole of all 12 beads a second time and then PNT the first Chexx bead a third time (Diagram 1). 1 Step 2 Turn your work over and PNT the empty hole of the first Chexx bead. PU one new fire-polished bead and PNT the empty hole of the next Chexx bead. Continue adding a new fire-polished bead between the empty holes of each Chexx bead until you have added six new fire-polished beads. Complete the row by stepping up through the same (previously empty) hole of the first Chexx bead again (Diagram 2). 2