Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 43

Pendant Pendant A To make a pendant Thread your needle with a comfortable length of thread and, leaving a 20cm tail, PU one R bead, one P bead, one SD, one LD, one SD, one P bead and PNT the second hole of the R bead, then PU two SB, one M, two SB and make a square knot to finish a shape (Photo - Pendant). Pass through all beads couple of times and end the threat. Do the same with the other tail of thread and end it as well. Take one eye pin and thread on one M and one P bead and then thread the eye pin wire up through the beaded bead. Then, PU one P, one M and make a loop - trimming the eye pin wire to 1cm f rom the beads, if required (Photo Pendant A). Using jump rings, connect one end of the beaded bead with the pendant and the other end of the beaded bead with an earring or necklace finding (Pendant B). Repeat the beaded bead Steps to create a second earring, if desired. See more of Karolina Emingrova’s jewellery and tutorials at: Pendant B