Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 39

Techniques used: peyote stitch, bead embellishment, wirework Materials (for two beaded beads) 42 Rulla beads (R) 24 pinch beads (P) 48 Size 15/0 Toho seed beads (SB) 4 small dagger beads (SD) 2 large dagger bead (LD) 6 Size 7/0 Matubo beads 4 jump rings 2 50mm eye pins 1 pair earring findings Nymo D beading thread Tools Scissors Size 10 to 12 beading needles Flat-nose pliers Chain-nose pliers Round-nose pliers Flush cutters Abbreviations PU = pick up PNT = put needle through This little beaded bead is easy to make and the perfect bead for a fabulous pendant or pair of earrings - or why not make a series of beaded beads and connect for a cute bracelet design? Step 1 1 Thread your needle with a comfortable length of thread and, leaving a 20cm tail, PU one SB, one R bead, one SB, one R bead, one SB, one R bead, one SB, one R bead, one SB, one R bead and make a square knot to finish a ring (Photo 1).