Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 37

Step 13 To embellish the edges with a picot stitch, bring your needle out through the brickstitched beaded edge of the marquise cabochon and PU one 3mm pearl, one (D) bead and take your needle back down through the pearl. Come back up through the next bead and PU one (C) bead, one 4mm pearl and one (D) bead, taking your needle back through the pearl and (C) bead. Continue in this manner along one side of the marquise cabochon only (Photo 13). Repeat this Step for the drop cabochon also, using the photo (Photo 13a) as a guide. At the pointed end of the drop, stitch one 3mm, one 4mm and one 8mm pearl, with one (D) bead at the end, before taking the needle back through the pearls to create a drop. Weave your needle and thread through your work, tying some half-hitch knots as you go, before trimming your thread. 13 To see more of Eva’s beautiful beadwork, click to visit her online at eva.csizmadialajosne and Vicus?ref=pr_shop_more 13a