Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 32

4 4a 4b Step 4 Returning to your rivoli traced shape, working in (purple thread) back stitch, stitch a ring of 40 (B) beads around the traced circle (Photo 4). Now stitch a round of Size 11/0 beads to the inner edge of the circle, as shown (Photo 4a) – they will help the rivoli sit nicely in place. Then working in peyote stitch, place the rivoli into your bead circle and work two rows with (B) beads and two final rows in (E) beads, pulling your thread firmly around the top of your rivoli (Photo 4b). Exit your needle and thread out through the second row of peyote-stitched Delica beads and, working around this row of beads, add a Delica between each of the edge beads (Photo 4c). When you have completed the circle, take your needle through the first bead threaded. Trim the foundation fabric from around your bead shape, being careful not to trim your thread. Step 5 Work a row of 20 dagger beads between the Delicas (Photo 5). Then take your needle around the circle again, this time adding a Delica between each dagger (Photo 5a) – this helps to firm up your row of daggers. 5 5a 4c