Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 26

DBM: What do you enjoy most about flame work?   DP: The beads, of course! And buying them! I don’t so much for myself enjoy the flame - I love playing with beads more than I enjoy making them.  But what I do love about the flame, is what my husband does with it. It’s magical! And as a bead LOVER, you don’t know how hard it is to keep my hands to myself when he makes beads that I need to photograph and sell. It’s hard to let them go. But every now and then, Russ will make a set just for me. DBM: How has Russ’ lampwork progressed over the years?   DP: Russ has gone from just making sets of beads to making organic shells, woven glass leaf focal beads and crosses. He doesn’t use presses. He shapes everything by hand.  DBM: What has been one of the most valuable creative lessons you’ve learned along the way?   DP: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. It keeps things fresh. You never know what new trend you might start! DBM: Do you have favourite colours and brands of glass you prefer working with?  DP: We enjoy boro (borosilicate glass). I’d have to say my favourite colour in boro is Caramel (it gets a gorgeous silver lustre on it) or amber purple. My hubby’s favourite colour is amber purple too. The brand Northstar glass is a favourite. DBM: What’s your favourite colour combination or effect?   DP: For designing, purple is my favourite colour, followed by fuchsia and earthy fall/autumn tones. I love turquoise and purple together. And another favourite is coffee colours. I find a lot of inspiration in designing and for naming my designs and Russell’s beads in Starbucks’ coffee drinks mochas, lattes, etc.