Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 25

DBM: Tell us about your creative background? DP: I enjoyed art as a child - making pretty pictures for my mom – but, as a child my creativity really came out more in my play time. I was a good leader and organiser of my stuffed animals. I started making jewellery about 12 years ago. I started with Czech glass, Swarovski crystals and gemstones and even mass-produced lampwork. My favourite, when I first started out, were the «wedding cake» beads. I thought they were so pretty. Soon after falling in love with beads, my husband and I started selling beads on eBay and we soon grew that into a pretty large family business, selling beads and supplies. Then I stumbled upon artisan lampwork beads and I fell in love all over again.    DBM: When did your lamp working journey start? DP: We started making our own lampwork beads maybe a year after we started selling supply beads and my designing jewellery. We started with soft glass. My first attempts are not worth mentioning. My husband’s, however, were gorgeous right from the start. He soon learned about borosilicate glass (hard glass) and he’s been making gorgeous boro glass beads ever since - 11 years or so now. I make beads on occasion - when the inspiration strikes. I tend to make more organic, free-form beads, like sea shells. Russ can make just about anything. I’m so proud of him!