Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 20

Check out Debbie’s online sites: DBM: Tell us about your creative background, have you always created with clay? DC: I’ve always been creative in some way but didn’t start until my later years. I guess I started creating seriously when I was about 30 and started with glass and tile painting. I began teaching this and then moved on to all sorts of other arts/crafts - from textiles to felting and beading. So, I’ve played around with lots of other mediums but nothing really serious.   DBM: What do you enjoy most about working with clay? DC: Wow, there’s so much to do with clay – this is a really hard one to answer. I think I love that clay is so versatile and has many different applications. I love exploring and experiment with clay to see how far I can take it and I think that’s what excites me the most.    DBM: What were your early attempts with clay like? DC: Hmm I guess they were pretty awful! I still have a couple of pendants I made right in the beginning (probably about 11 years ago now) and I remember making them and thinking how incredible they were and, I must say, I was so proud of myself.  It took me a while to get better but I remember being like a sponge in those early days and was constantly trying new techniques and exploring new ideas.  I was on a mission to get better because I knew I had found the medium that “spoke” to me the most. I couldn’t get enough of polymer clay in those early days.