Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 15

DBM: What are you yet to try in beading? SC: I really do not know if I want to try something new or I want to keep learning the techniques I already know. As I mentioned before, learning never stops. DBM: Where do you source your beads and components from? SC: Everywhere. I mean, there is not only one place. I order online as well as I buy at my local stores or I travel to buy my beads too. I buy what I like, not necessarily what has been just launched by the companies. DBM: Tell us about your lifestyle and how your beading fits into your lifestyle? SC: Beading is my full time job. So a more precise question will be how my lifestyle fits into my beading (LOL). I bead from 8 to 9 and sometimes even more. I only stop what I am doing to eat, go to the gym and daily stuff like going to the grocery store and things like that. I like silence and peace and do not like to be disturbed while beading. DBM: Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating? SC: I have many notebooks and beading diaries at hand. So, if a new idea suddenly appears, I only grab what I need to draw it and move on. That way I do not distract myself from my current work. DBM: What does the future hold for you creatively? SC: I like to focus on the present, day-by-day is how I build my future. Tomorrow I do not know if I will exist. Visit Sigi’s online sites: