Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 146

Perched Bird Necklace Materials 20 grams assorted silver mix faceted glass beads 1 12mm faceted glass round 1 silver-plated bird connector 4m 28-gauge silver-plated wire 4 6mm silver-plated jump rings 3 25cm lengths of chain (1 oval, 1 round, 1 fine-link) 1 flower “S” hook clasp To make CLICK TO BUY KITS Open one jump ring and thread on one end of each of the three chain lengths, then thread on to one end of the bird connector. Close the jump ring. Use another jump ring to connect the opposite ends of each chain length together. Cut the 28-gauge wire into one metre lengths. Take three 1m lengths and thread all through the remaining loop of the bird connector to the halfway point of the wires. Bring the wire ends together, creating a fold at the halfway point of the wires. Twist the wires together at the connector loop end. Onto each wire strand, thread a selection of beads spaced 1-2cm apart, looping your wire through each bead as you go, to secure each bead and give your beads a “floating” effect on the wire. Create a 25cm beaded length on each, before twisting your wires together at the end. Separate your wires and thread two through the 12mm bead, bringing the remaining wires around the bead and twist together after the bead. Now make a wirewrapped loop with these wires, threading on the “S” hook clasp before completing the wire-wrapping. The jump ring you added at the end of your chain lengths will act as the other half of your clasp.