Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 143

Ringed Heart Drops Materials 1 pair love heart earring loops 4 6mm silver-plated filigree rounds 2 silver-plated corrugated rounds 4 6mm silver-plated rhinestone rounds 12 3mm silver-plated rounds 4 4mm silver-plated daisy spacers 2 silver-plated eye pins 18 silver-plated head pins with ball ends 20cm silver-plated etched chain 20cm 28-gauge silver-plated wire To make Thread each bead individually onto a head pin. Trim each head pin wire to 1cm from each bead and then make a loop on each. Divide your beaded head pins into two equal groups – making sure you have an even split of bead types in each. Take one eye pin and thread on one daisy spacer, one half (group) of your beaded head pins and another daisy spacer. Trim the eye pin wire to 1cm from the beads and make a loop. Thread the eye pin loop onto one love heart earring loop, positioning it near the love heart. Cut a small length of wire and wrap it around the earring loop, at each side of your beaded eye pin, to secure it in position. Trim and flatten any sharp wire end. Trim the chain into three lengths – 4cm, 3cm and 2cm – and attach one end of each onto the bottom loop of the beaded eye pin. Repeat to make the other earring. CLICK TO BUY KITS