Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 14

DBM: Any advice for beaders wanting to take their hobby to the next level and sell their work or create patterns? SC: Well, there is a difference indeed between having a hobby and making a business. To make a business you need to be aware that your work is really worth selling, and have particular care of your craftsmanship - once you know this, just go for it. Creating patterns - it’s a new adventure, very different from beading itself as you need to apply other knowledge. Here I’d recommended patience, lots of time and really be longing to do so. DBM: How often do you create new patterns?  SC: Very often. I do not like to make the same design twice - only when I am writing a tutorial I do, so I can give many colour combinations to my customers. DBM: What’s the process for you when creating a new pattern? SC: First of all I need to have an idea of what I want - I make a drawing of it and then I choose colours and materials to later start working on the stitches and techniques. DBM: What has been your best-selling pattern to date? SC: My Crystal Fantasy bracelet available at my etsy shop