Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 137

Says Anna: “In Summer 2013 I brought a strand of twoholed lentils and some other beads to one of my exhibitions, to show my customers how I work. With that limited array of beads, I started on a bracelet and it developed into the highly versatile Rullentil bracelet – you can switch the Rullas for bricks, tiles, bead studs, Tilas or BiBos, and the fire-polished beads used can be switched for other beads of the same size. A bracelet with one row of beads looks just as good as one with three or four rows – and you stitch it fast! 2 Materials 44 Rulla beads – colours used, chalk white shimmer (white) and matte crystal (blue) (A) 84 3mm fire-polished beads – crystal/silver (white and blue) (B) 2 grams Size 15/0 Miyuki seed beads (15-420 white, 151653 blue) (C) 42 2-hole lentil beads – silver (white) metallic suede blue (blue) (D) 4 4mm jump rings 1 clasp 3m 4lb Fireline Tools Size 11 beading needle Scissors Beading Mat or similar ThreadZap (optional) Step 1 Take 1.5m of thread and add a stop bead, leaving a 15cm thread tail. The tail thread will be used for fastening only. Step 2 PU one (A) bead and one (B) bead and repeat until you have added a total of 21 (A) and 21 (B) beads. PU one more (A) bead (Diagram 2)