Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 134

Step 2 Take your needle back out to the first row of beads and work one row in Size 11/0 black Delicas. Work a second row in Size 15/0 black seed beads and then place a spike bead into your beadwork (Photo 2), pulling your thread firmly around the spike’s flat end. Work another row in Size 15/0 black seed beads, again pulling your thread firmly to enclose the sp ike bead end. For Row 4, take your needle through one black bead, PU one Size 15/0 black bead, skip the next and continue around the circle. Now work a Size 11/0 black bead between the last row of Size 15/0 black beads. Tie your thread and working thread together (Photo 2a). 2 Step 3 Now rethread your needle with one end of your thread and stitch the hair pin into place, weaving your needle through your last row of beads to secure (Photo 3). Add a dab of glue to further secure the hairpin. 2a Step 4 Take your needle and thread back through your beadwork to the row of silver beads. Pick up one Size 15/0 silver bead, one 3.4mm drop and another Size 15/0 silver bead, take your needle down through two rows (Photo 4), repeat the three bead trio, then move back up two rows, add another trio – keep working in this zigzag pattern around your spiked bead (Photo 4a). Work your thread through your work, knot and then trim your thread. 4 3 4a