Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 133

Materials 2 7x17mm black Czech spike beads Size 11/0 black Delica seed beads Size 15/0 black and silver Toho seed beads 3 4mm silver Miyuki drops 10cm medium link nickel chain 20cm fine link nickel chain 2 stoppers 4 jump rings 2 metal skull charms 2 hair pins 0.14mm or 0.15mm beading thread Beast hairpin Tools Size 10 beading needle Scissors or cutters Chain-nose pliers (two pairs) Step 1 Cut a comfortable working length of thread and thread your needle. Pick up 20 Size 11/0 black Delica beads – or enough to fit around the large end of your spike bead, ensuring you thread an even number of beads – and take your needle through the first bead again, to form a circle. Working in peyote stitch, work two rows using the black Delica seed beads. Then, with your needle exiting one edge of your work, work a row in silver Toho beads. Then take your needle through the silver beads again, this time adding another silver bead between each of the silver beads of the previous row (Photo 1). 1