Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 132

5 6 Step 4 This Step is optional - use a thread burner or small tealight to carefully melt the very edges of your organza circles. Step 5 Now stitch your beaded spike into the centre of the organza circles (Photo 5), placing the stitching base circle on the centre underside of your work. Step 6 Now bring your needle up through the fabric layers alongside the beaded spike base. Thread on one acrylic flower, one bicone and three silver seed beads, taking the needle down through the bicone and flower and out through the fabric base (Photo 6). Repeat to add a total of four of these flower/bead combinations around your beaded spike bead. Now add one Swarovski pearl – with three silverbead picot – between each flower combo. Repeat for the Swarovski bicones, again adding a three silver-bead picot for each (Photo 6a). 6a Step 7 Now stitch your hair pin to the underside of your work, as shown (Photo 7). 7