Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 131

Materials 7x17mm silver spike bead Size 11/0 white Delica seed beads Size 15/0 Toho seed beads (white and silver) 0.14mm or 0.15mm beading thread 1 hair pin 15mm circle of stitching base 3 40mm-diameter circles of white organza fabric 4 white acrylic flowers 8 4mm crystal Swarovski bicones 4 4mm white Swarovski pearls Tools Size 10 beading needle Scissors/cutters 1 Beauty hairpin Step 1 Thread your needle with a comfortable length of thread and PU 20 white Size 11/0 Delica seed beads, taking your needle through the first threaded bead to make a circle. Now, working in peyote stitch, work one row in white Size 11/0 beads (Photo 1). 2 Step 2 Take your needle through the edge Delica beads, adding one Size 15/0 silver bead between each (Photo 2). Place the spike bead into your beadwork, with the pointed end at the silver-beaded edge of your beadwork. Now work a peyote stitched row in these silver beads, pulling the thread firmly so that the silver beads are sitting snugly against the spike bead. Then take your needle back to the first row of white beads and work one row in Size 11/0 white beads, pulling your thread firmly around the end of the spike bead. Then take your needle through the edge beads, skipping one bead, adding one white Size 11/0 bead, skipping the next, continuing in this manner around the end beads (Photo 2a). Step 3 Now, at the beads at the top of the spike bead, string a row of Size 11/0 Delica white beads (Photo 3). Weave your needle back through your beadwork, tying some half-hitch knots as you go. Do not trim your thread yet. 2a 3