Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 13

DBM: What has been one of the most valuable creative lessons you’ve learned along the way? SC: First of all that you won’t be a master right away, it requires time and patience. So, gradually with these, one can master many techniques. Second - that one never stops learning, even in the same technique yearby-year you will learn something new about it and that’s how you can incorporate more beautiful shapes to your work. DBM: What do you most enjoy making? SC: Large necklaces. And I do love making pendants and earrings. Bracelet are the ones I do not love so much to make. DBM: Who do you most admire in the beading world and why? SC: There are many people I admire. It would be hard to mention only a few. But I do consider two masters to be my guides and teachers on the distance - Marcia DeCoster and Sherry Serafini. DBM: Do you have favourite colours, shapes and brands you prefer working with? M