Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 128

Step 12 Your work should look like this – Photo 12. As you just added three large rings, you need to add three small rings, as in Step 2 (Photo 12). Step 13 Repeat the previous Steps until you reach the length you require. Finish off your work by tapering it down. If you are going to be adding a lobster clasp you will want to bring it down to a single large ring – ie: your pattern would be three large, three small, two large, two small, one large (Photo 13). 12 Step 14 On the other end (starting end) simply remove the end most large rings (they will be floppy – easy to recognise) to produce the tapered end. Add one large ring and then smaller rings, as required, to attach a lobster clasp if you are using one (Photo 14). Step 15 My preference is for a 2-strand slide clasp. Attach as shown – Photo 15. You don’t need to bring it down to one single large ring, just down to two large ones will be fine. 13 14 15