Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 126

Step 3 Your work should look like this (Photo 3). Step 4 2 Now we need to add two large rings. These go through the small rings just added in Step 2. You need to feed an opened ring through the end and middle small rings just added, encircling the small ring already in place. Close this ring (Photo 4). Step 5 6 Do the same for the other side (Photo 5). Step 6 Your work should look like this – Photo 6. As we just added two large rings, we now need to add two small rings. Step 7 2a Again, working on the row behind, you need to feed small rings to join the larger rings to each other. Here you need to join the two large rings. It’s easiest to work via the back of the weave and start in the middle. Feed your opened small ring through the two large rings and close (Photo 7). 7 Step 8 Repeat on the other side of your bracelet (Photo 8). 3 4 5 7a 8