Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 125

How to: Dragon Scale Weave Suitable for intermediate level – knowledge of helm weave required. Materials 195 16gauge (1.2mm) 7.00mm ID jump rings 192 16gauge (1.2mm) 4.76mm (3/16”) ID jump rings 4 16gauge (1.2mm) 3.50mm ID jump rings 2-strand slide clasp Tools 2 pairs smooth-jawed pliers Beading mat Step 1 Before you begin, open all of your rings. Then begin by making a section of helm weave only using one small rings, not the two of a traditional helm weave. Make it three large and two small rings across (Photo 1). Step 2 This weave works in a pattern of adding three large, three small, two large, two small. 1 Our top-most rings are three large, so we now need to add three small. With small rings, always work on the row below the top-most. Here you need to join the two large rings and one on each end. It’s easiest to work via the back of the weave and start in the middle. Feed your opened small rings through the two large rings and close (Photo 2, 2a).