Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 122

Step 10 Keep working like this around your design – it will start to form up into a wheel structure. You will place 14 large rings (Photo 10). 10 Step 11 Your 15th large ring will now zip the beginning and the end together. You will need to pick up one small ring from the first set and one from the last set placed (Photo 11). Step 12 11 Bring your opened ring down through the first placed ring, down through the two from the last placed set and up through the ring that belongs to the first placed set. Close your large ring (Photo 12). Step 13 If your whirly bird is a little looser than you want it to be, you can tighten it up by placing a smaller ring through some of the pairs – one in every third pair works well (Photo 13). Step 14 12 Your final piece should look like this – Photo 14. Design Note: Depending on which size rings you have used – you can now turn this into either a pendant or earrings. Or just a cool little feature piece on your desk! 13 14