Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 121

Step 2 Repeat Step 1 (Photo 2). Step 3 Take up one of your open rings and feed it through two rings on each of your prepared rings (Photo 3). 2 Step 4 6 Take up one of your opened rings and feed through a new ring and one from the previous Step. Do not close yet (Photo 4). Step 5 Scoop your opened ring around and feed it through the top-most ring in the second pair. Do not close yet (Photo 5). 3 Step 6 7 Slip your opened ring through a new ring. Your opened ring should now have four closed rings on it. Close this ring now (Photo 6). Step 7 4 Your work should now look like this (Photo 7). We are zipping the two sides up with the larger ring – two new and two old rings each time. Step 8 8 As before, feed an opened ring down through a new ring and a ring already in pattern. Do not close yet (Photo 8). Step 9 Sweep the ring around so it comes up through a ring already in pattern and a new ring on the other side. Close this ring now (Photo 9). 5 9