Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 115

5 6 7 Step 5 Now moving onto the central oval crystal, back stitch one row around this crystal using a sequence of three (B) and one (A) bead (Photo 5). Step 6 Stitch a second row using a sequence of two (A) and two (B) beads (Photo 6). Step 7 Now working with the remaining crystal, work a row of back-stitch using three (B) beads, one (A) beads around this crystal (Photo 7). Continue with a second row using two (A) beads and two (B) beads. Add one (C) bead in the second row, as shown (Photo 7a). Step 8 Sew one of the ends of the Shibori ribbon into the foundation fabric near the head of a butterfly (Photo 8) and the other end into the position shown in Photo 8a, bending the ribbon to give a three-dimensional look to this “wing” ribbon. 8 8a 7a