Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 110

“If you have any difficulties or concerns with this tutorial please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to help you out. Visit my website for all the supplies and tools needed for this tutorial plus more free tutorials (via the Blog) ... Dani Step 9 Take the Magic Glos and squeeze a thin line on top of the baked clay (Photo 9). Using a toothpick (or similar) spread the Magic Glos over the surface of the clay in a thin layer. Add more as needed. Magic Glos is a UV resin that cures with sunlight (or a UV lamp – those ones you use for your nails are perfect!). Place the bezel under the UV light or out in the sun. The time it takes to cure will vary depending on how much UV the piece is exposed to and also how thick the layer of resin is. Sometimes it will only take minutes to cure other times it will take up to 15 minutes or so. DANI’S TIP: “I usually just leave my pieces for at least 15 minutes to be sure but you can poke the resin gently with a toothpick to see how it’s going if you’re impatient!” Once cured, you can add another layer of Magic Glos if desired. Build up these layers gradually so the Magic Glos cures properly. Repeat with the other bezel settings. 9