Digital Beading Magazine Issue 12 - Page 105

The new Silkscreen kit from Sculpey is very easy to use and can provide some beautiful effects on polymer clay. All supplies and tools available from Materials 1 57 gram black Premo Polymer Clay pack 1 silver rectangular Lisa Pavelka bezel setting 1 pair stainless steel leverback earrings with bezel setting 1 large Beadsmith or Nunn Design bezel ring Lisa Pavelka Magic Glos Sculpey Silkscreen Kit Tools Smooth work surface (glass, perspex etc) Pasta machine (or acrylic roller) Tissue blade Craft knife Toothpicks Oven for baking clay Oven thermometer Step 1 Start by preparing the polymer clay. Before using your clay you need to condition it. Conditioning polymer clay is a vital part of working with clay. Conditioning essentially means making the clay softer, pliable and easy to work with, by working the clay until the plasticisers are even distributed. You need to condition clay in order to make it workable and to also increase the strength and durability of the finished clay piece.