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TIREMENT ents. Glacier by Sanlam spoke to 82 retirees about their recipe for a ity, good health, staying connected and looking forward with positivity. Ingredient 2: good health Staying in good physical and mental health is pivotal to enjoying retirement to the fullest. Exercising the brain will help it form new connections necessary to ward off dementia. Additionally, it’s important to eat healthily and incorporate a daily exercise regime. ‘Health is worth more than wealth, any day.’ Prepare for health curveballs by ensuring you’ve got proper cover in place Stay busy – draw up a daily schedule and try and stick to it Learn a new hobby or find a stimulating passion project to pursue Final ingredient: looking forward with positivity For a recipe to work, it needs to be made with the right attitude. The best food is made with love; the best life is built through purpose. To move forward and make the most of retirement, you need to come to terms with and accept the past and look forward with positivity. Here are some of the things Glacier’s participating retirees prioritise: A daily surf (70-year-old female) Founding a jazz band and music society (65-year-old male) ‘I’m not a stay-at-home granny who knits.’ Finishing a master’s degree in astrophysics (61-year-old male) To read more on how to ensure a happy retirement visit our web page at https://www.glacier.co.za/campaigns/retirement2017 or follow us on Facebook Glacier Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd and Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd are licensed financial services providers