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All the retirees interviewed agreed that meaningful connections are crucial to a happy retirement. Many were active in the community as ward councillors, teachers, tutors, consultants, members of policing forums and volunteers. There are multiple ways to keep connected post retirement. Five ways to stay connected: 1. Teach, tutor or consult – try to actively share your skills 2. Get involved in the community through volunteering or in more of an administrative role – such as a ward councillor 3. Join institutions like the University of the Third Age to meet and mingle with like- minded people 4. Become part of sports clubs or societies according to your interests 5. Spend regular quality time with others, be it your partner, children and grandchildren or friends. INGREDIENT 4 LOOKING FORWARD WITH POSITIVITY ‘I’m not a stay-at-home granny who knits.’ To move forward and make the most of retirement, retirees said they needed to come to terms with and accept the past, and look forward with positivity. All recommended having a clear plan for filling the days, with some suggesting drawing up a daily schedule. And while they take great pleasure in seeing their families, time with loved ones is only one part of the day-to-day lives of today’s retirees – contrary to popular perception that retirees are sitting around waiting for a visit from the time-strapped younger generations. Here are some of the other activities the respondents prioritised: 1. A daily surf (female, age 70) 2. Founding a jazz band and music society (male, age 65) 3. Finishing a master’s degree in astrophysics (male, age 61) 4. Travelling to Mauritius and Morocco (60- to 80-year-olds) 5. Swimming in the World Masters Games (female, age 70). The secret to any recipe is making it your own. All the ingredients for a good retirement may be there, but you need to bring them together. For more information on how your clients can ensure a happy retirement visit our website.