DigiMag Glacier_Q4_2017 - Page 2

CE’S NOTE I WRITE THIS NOTE, MY LAST for the Glacier Quarterly, with mixed feelings – nostalgia for the time spent at Glacier, and also excitement for what lies ahead. There have been so many highlights over the years, it’s difficult to single out any particular one. However, launching the Glacier by Sanlam brand has certainly been the high point of my career. It was clear from the start that people and superior service would be central to our strategy, and that has directed the decisions we’ve made and the culture we’ve built up over the years. Each and every one of our business partners has played a role in our success. We couldn’t have achieved what we have over the years without you. In this issue you can read more about our new retirement campaign, where we remind investors that because they won’t stop growing in retirement, their investments need to continue growing as well. This was borne out in the research conducted prior to the campaign launch, which revealed that retirees were involved in activities ranging from a daily surf (female, age 70), to finishing a master’s degree in astrophysics (male, age 61). While I don’t have my own calendar mapped out yet, I aim to serve and add value where relevant opportunities present themselves. I believe that Glacier will continue to evolve while staying true to our company values and I know I leave you in strong hands. I wish you and your respective teams all the best for a successful year ahead. Anton Raath, Chief Executive: Glacier by Sanlam