DigiMag Glacier_Q4_2017 - Page 18

INVESTMENTS investing skills and have higher satisfaction rates, which may point to more patience and active listening on the part of female advisers. Whether male or female, advisers with higher gender intelligence have more successful relationships with their investors. MYTH 5 ‘I need more time’ really means ‘No’ When a female investor says ‘I need more time,’ this is exactly what she means – most of the time. Advisers, on the other hand, often think this is her way of saying ‘No.’ Female investors tend to seek sufficient information and time to process their decision, which allows them to own the decision and avoid regret. Over time, this helps them gain confidence and means they’ll be less likely to blame their adviser if things don’t turn out the way that was intended. 6 Emotion should remain separate from investing MYTH No decision is ever detached from emotion. An investor’s experiences, current situation and expectations for the future influence each investment decision. This is not a bad thing; there is a role for intuition and emotion in the decision-making process. Advisers can help investors balance emotion with more objective information. The emotional component also presents opportunities for advisers to deepen their client relationships. The key is in connecting investments with what they represent for the investor – security and independence. 7 Female investors are a lucrative niche market MYTH Women’s financial advice needs are still underserved, but it’s clear that they don’t constitute a niche segment. By definition, ‘niche’ does not describe this majority