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in the last century. The majority of young people have to create jobs for themselves now rather than get jobs based on their academic qualifications. The age of the entrepreneur has begun and school and university curriculums must reflect this. In America, many citizens have become personal conglomerates, pursuing several different careers at the same time. This kind of informal employment may, for example, include making money out of your car by participating in a smart network like Uber. This is the way things are, and as with the first industrial revolution in the 19th century, there’s no turning back the clock. The porous border flag Earlier this year, 6 000 refugees were rescued from drowning in the Mediterranean in two days. This cloudy flag, along with the religious flag, has led to the hardening of attitudes in the West towards accepting refugees from conflict zones, as well as normal economic migrants. This has meant that, unlike in 2016, migrants are now compelled to survive in makeshift camps without any hope of reaching their ultimate destination of choice. Borders are becoming less porous as a result of popular pushback in the US and Europe. The new rules of the immigration game are diminishing one of the great forces driving the world since World War II: globalisation. It may well extend to educated and talented people having less opportunity to pursue education and work opportunities abroad in other countries. The world is turning into a more closed society and unfriendly place than it was 20 years ago. The question is whether exceptional and more inclusive leadership replacing the power elite we have today will reverse this trend. The internet and cellular flag This pervasive clockwork flag is radically altering the way every arm of government and every industry in the private sector operates. As I mentioned in Flagwatching, our dependency on this technology has elevated cybercrime and cyberterrorism to one of the greatest threats on Earth. The attack in May on 200 000 institutions in 150 countries showed how vulnerable the world is to dedicated hackers. On the other hand, this flag offers entrepreneurs incredible opportunities to be innovative and to reach their target markets. The latest view on the next major technological wave is that the internal combustion engine will be obsolete by the m FFRbF26VGW'26'2&V6PVV7G&2BG&fW&W72WfW'W6RvfRG2v6"VW&w77FVpL*FWVFVBbFRw&BFRƖfW7GRBV7W&RfpFR֖VvVW&F26WFVǐFffW&VBfWrbFRF&WfW0vVW&F2F22vF266v&fp2VvFfVǒffV7FrFRV&G`7'G2ƖRvbBFW7B7&6WBFB&WV&P&vRVBbFRF"vF6WVǒFR&RbFW"BfFW"0frvg&FRBFVbFPf&W"rgFW"FR6G&VvPF\*GFW"vW2WBBV&2FRWƖfRBV7W&R&RrFǒ6&V@ff"v6FRGv'FW'>( &W0Wff\*26&7V7F6W2BW'6&VfW&V6W2FVB6V7VFW"27G&FVv7@BWF"F2'F6Pv2&vǒV&Ɨ6V@Ww3#BR#r