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Break-in Period (How to Approach Intermittent Fasting) Now first, I want you to be open-minded. At least TRY taking a break from food. Once you get used to it, the benefits are amazing… • • • • • Increased growth hormone (this hormone burns fat!) Decreased appetite (you naturally eat less and feel full) Increased cellular repair (including your skin!) Increased metabolism Increased energy But if you have tried intermittent fasting in the past and it’s just not your “thing”, we have a “Plan B” just for you. That is below this Break-In Period. You can skip this “Break-In” section if you plan to NOT leverage the fasting part of this program. Follow this Break-in Period for 2 weeks before jumping into the Diet Free Weekends plan if you’re new to intermittent fasting. Let’s avoid being overwhelmed. Whatever you’re doing now as far as your diet, stick to it. We just want you to get used to the idea of intermittent fasting, making the Diet Free Weekends plan even more powerful. So here how’s to do that… Complete (1) 20-hour fast for week 1. " Let yourself become accustomed to it. So if you eat your last meal at 6pm on Monday, then your next snack or meal will be on Tuesday at 2pm. Complete (2) 20-hour fasts for week 2. © Diet Free Weekends 9