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Rule #4 – Do NOT “Freak Out” on the Intermittent Fasting Part of This Program. You’ll Get a Backup Plan... OK? When the original Diet Free Weekends Solution came out, we didn’t have a “back-up” plan for folks that don’t do well with intermittent fasting. So that’s why there’s a “Plan B” created just for you. ;) However, if you’re NEW to intermittent fasting and you’re open to doing it, please us the “Break-In to Intermittent Fasting” Guide. We’ll dig deeper into fasting in the fasting section, but real quickly, intermittent fasting is simply a break from eating food. We’ll be doing a mixture of daily fasting (16 hours – so basically, you skip breakfast) as well as (2) 24-hour fasts. But remember, if fasting is NOT your thing, you’ll get a backup plan! Rule #5 – What’s a Reward Meal? A reward meal is your favorite foods like pizza, cake, pancakes, even more pancakes, chips and salsa, etc. Some people get confused as to whether they want to use their reward with the a meal or a dessert. With this plan? You can have BOTH. Just remember the golden rule – DO NOT binge and eat only until you’re satisfied. For most, that might mean cutting back a little on the meal itself so they can have their dessert, too. Make sense? © Diet Free Weekends 8