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The 5 Simple Rules of the Diet Rule #1 – Eat Only Until You’re Full on Reward Meals For one thing, eating until you’re miserable takes the JOY out of enjoying your foods. Now you’re just “EN---ING”. Oh c’mon, that’s hilarious. Anyway, eat until you’re satisfied and enjoy every bite. Remember, your cheat meal is not the only “fun” food you’ll be eating. You have another one coming and that’s part of the beauty of this program. This prevents you from binging! Rule #2 – Limit or Eliminate Alcohol When testing this, we tested it without alcohol. Sorry for the bad news but.... Alcohol increases hunger and jacks up your hormones. That’s the world we live in. You’ll get the best results by eliminating it all together, but at the very least, limit your consumption to 2 per week (and keep them on your weekends). Rule #3 – Follow AND Trust the Program Nothing to elaborate on here… but just know that this has been tested and it works. You won’t lose a billion pounds in 7 days. However, you will lose up to 3 pounds of fat per week. It’s no secret that when you combine this diet with a solid exercise program, you’re going to look and feel even better. Those that combined this diet with an exercise program are the ones that lost 3 pounds per week. © Diet Free Weekends 7