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Quick Overview No fluff. You want a way to enjoy your weekends, right? Cool, let’s forget all the boring “sciency” stuff and heart-warming stories blah, blah, blah. Let’s get to the “meat” of the program. First, here’s a rough outline of what you get to experience with this program: Monday - Thursday – Be good. Friday – Sunday – Enjoy yourself. It’s all set up so you can do this week in and week out and still lose up to 3 pounds of fat every week. You MUST eliminate ALL doubt when starting this program. There’s a strong chance you’ll feel “odd” by enjoying yourself more. But basically, here’s why this works: Other diet programs focus on a DAILY calorie decrease This program focuses on a WEEKLY calorie decrease Just like a final destination, there are numerous ways to get to a final destination (just look at any map). Diets work in the same way. However, the principles in this guide are so powerful (and doable) because it coordinates with your willpower. Your willpower is at its strongest at the beginning of the week, so you’ll take advantage of this, along with some hormonal “tricks” that trigger your body to burn more fat during those 4 days (Monday through Thursday). © Diet Free Weekends 4