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" drinks are fine, too. Yes, you can chew gum. (We get asked that all the time). What if I’m overwhelmingly hungry on my fast? At the 20-hour mark, you can consume a protein shake or almonds, etc. See the fasting guide above. But aim for 24 hours... if you don’t make it, don’t beat yourself up. What if I snack on reward days? If you prefer to snack over full-reward meals, the same rules apply (see rule #5). But you must choose one or the other, you cannot have snacks and reward meals. Let’s be realistic ! What if I want breakfast as a reward meal? I understand, I love pancakes myself ! You can certainly enjoy yourself at breakfast and skip lunch. Ideally, the intermittent fasting approach is better but we want this program to be flexible. How often should I eat Monday through Thursday? That’s up to you and whatever fits your schedule and personality best. There is no right or wrong answer here. You can spread your servings over 3-4 meals or cut it down to 1-2. © Diet Free Weekends 28