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" Weekly Grocery List Now that you know what the servings are – here is an easy grocery list to inspire some ideas… PROTEINS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Bass Beef Jerky Chicken breast Cod Eggs Egg whites / liquid egg whites Extra lean ground beef Extra lean ground turkey Flank steak Halibut Lobster Pork loin Roughy Salmon Scallops • • • • • • • Shrimp Swordfish Tilapia Top round steak Tuna steak Tuna Protein powder (low- fat/low-carb) (I recommend Bio-Trust – it tastes great plus without all the artificial crap and sugars you find in other protein powders. Find out more at CARBOHYDRATES This is really simple. Since you have all weekend to enjoy your favorite carbs (including bread, pasta, etc.), limit your carb consumption Monday – Thursday to only fruits. All fruits are welcome! © Diet Free Weekends 23