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" It’s here! Finally, a solution that lets you have your weekends back! Hi! These are our kids, Champ and Deakan. During the week, Mike is busy with helping thousands of people all over the world with his online fitness programs and coaching while Sabrina is taking the kids to school and in the near future, starting a home schooling program. During the week, we’re in a routine. We know what to expect. It’s actually “easy” for us to stick to a solid nutrition plan. But when the weekend comes, we finally have well-deserved family time and we don’t want to waste a minute of this precious time with “well, we can’t eat there because it doesn’t go with our diet”. So, after much tweaking and testing out with Mike’s clients as well ourselves, we are so excited to bring something that works, while letting you enjoy your favorite foods with your friends and family every weekend. Now, this is not a “miracle” program that will let you melt 10 pounds in 9 days. There’s enough of those on the market, right? ! However, what this is… it’s a simple, doable and sustainable plan. And you know what? It’s the most ENJOYABLE plan on the market. We look forward to hearing your success and having fun again on the weekends without the guilt! Mike and Sabrina Whitfield " © Diet Free Weekends 2