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" consume much more. First, I suggest finding out how many calories your average breakfast is (since this is the meal you would typically skip on a daily fasting plan). You can do this with a site like If you typically eat around 300 calories for breakfast, then you'll need to cut around 300 calories out of your diet on these days. One way to do this is eating less at lunch and at dinner. Pretty simple. 16-Hour Fast Workaround #2 I had this question come up from a lot of the "guinea pigs" and so I wanted to address that here. You can actually skip lunch or dinner if you prefer to eat breakfast. That way, you're still making a drastic WEEKLY calorie deficit. Just keep in mind that you won't get the benefits that you get with a 16-hour fast. But this at least gives you some flexibility and if fasting is not for you, this allows you to modify the Diet Free Weekends Solution to fit your lifestyle. Whew... that just about does it for plan B ! Keep this in mind when following the schedule below. Now the fun part... your day-to-day plan! Insert the climatic music here... © Diet Free Weekends 18