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" So, be very selective and careful when consuming bars and shakes. Most are NOT good for you. I recommend these 2 sources for your protein bars and shakes: Use this protein powder for your protein shakes: >> Use these as your “go-to” protein bars: >> They don't use "filler" ingredients and they are sweetened with Stevia, a natural sweetener that won't jack up your hormones. Plus, they taste AMAZING! Moving on... Now the daily intermittent fasting found inside the Diet Free Weekends Solution is another way to cut our WEEKLY calories and the fasting benefits are just gravy. Ha... gravy. Get it? Whatever. So, if even if you're not a 16-hour intermittent fasting kind of person, that's OK. Now I won't lie and say you'll still get all the great benefits that daily fasting will give you, but you can still benefit from the same calorie reduction that daily fasting gives you. If you choose to NOT fast daily (16 hours), use these 2 tactics... 16-Hour Fasting Workaround #1 Find a way to cut 200-500 calories out of your diet on these days. The reason it's so broad is because we are all different. Some folks consume very little calories at breakfast and some © Diet Free Weekends 17