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" The concoction? It's a cup of coffee with 1 tbsp of beef gelatin and 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Beef gelatin is a great protein source but it also keeps you feeling full, as well as other benefits such as: - Helps your liver with detoxing - Improves your digestion - Helps strengthen your bones - Improves your hormone function Some other 200-calorie and under ideas that you could have during the day to use this "workaround" are below. A good rule of thumb is to have 2 of these below at most during the day before your actual meal. Remember, the idea is to keep your calories as low as possible. C'mon, you can do this. ;) - Coffee concoction (see above) - Almonds (around a handful) or any variety of nuts - String Cheese (2-3 sticks, depending on the fat content) - *Protein shake with water, low-fat milk or almond milk - *Protein bar - Spoonful of nut butter - 2 hard-boiled eggs with a tbsp of hummus - Greek yogurt with chopped pecans or walnuts - Non-starchy veggies (peppers is an example) with hummus - Beef jerky - Celery sticks with 1 tbsp of nut butter - 2-3 slices of cheese *A BIG warning on protein bars and protein shakes!... Most protein bars and shakes come with unnecessary "fillers" and toxic ingredients, as well as hidden sugars that can wreak havoc on your system. This stuff causes weight gain, which are touted as "healthy". © Diet Free Weekends 16