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" 24-Hour Fasting Workaround #1 - Cut Your 24- Hour Fast Short If you feel yourself wanting to absolutely binge on a fasting day, it's fine to cut it short to avoid this. With my private clients, I would tell them around 20 hours. So let's say your 24-hour fast would end at 6pm. If you need to, you could stop it as soon as 2pm. Just keep the calories low until your actual meal.... around 200 calories. That means you could have handful of almonds or a protein shake (with water, low-fat milk or almond milk). That will keep you going until your actual meal. Sometimes, it happens. You're overwhelmed with thoughts of food and you have to just eat before you go insane. I get it. This is the next best thing. 24-Hour Fasting Workaround #2 - Keep Your Calories at 400 or Less Until Your First Meal If you honestly try the 24-hour intermittent fasting and it's just not a good fit for you, thank you for trying. Here's your next best bet to fasting for 24 hours... Until your actual meal, keep your calories down to 400 or less. This is much less challenging than an actual fast, but you're still reducing your calories drastically enough to allow the wiggle room on the weekends. The thing is - make those calories keep you full. So, avoid carbohydrates if possible and stick with proteins and fats. My wife is not a huge fan of the 24-hour fast, so she has what I call a coffee "concoction" in the morning followed by 1 snack later in the day before her meal. © Diet Free Weekends 15