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" Friday night, you get to eat whatever you want to. Ice cream, pizza, nachos, pancakes... it doesn't matter. It's the big reward for "holding out". This has EVERYTHING to do with your mind and it's why it's so much easier to stick to. Fasting all day for some fish and green beans isn't very exciting. However, a date with Netflix and Ben & Jerry's? Yeah... very doable ;) It's why the second fasting day is on Friday (again, I'll leave out the boring sciency stuff). The first fasting day is Monday so your body can focus on detoxing and give your body a break from the surplus of calories over the weekend. You'll also be encouraged to eat some fats with dinner because fat definitely makes you feel full. This is especially true after a fast. So, that's why (in a quick overview) the fasting is so powerful on this plan. Now here's the cool part... You can actually NOT fast on this plan and STILL get great results. That was typed in big font and underlined. It's that important to understand. These are the same tactics I've used with my private clients. If you have tried fasting in the past and it failed you or if fasting is just not your thing, this will be your backup plan. Cool? First, we'll cover the 24-hour fast, and then we'll cover the 16-hour fast. © Diet Free Weekends 14