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Plan B If You Don’t Want to Use Intermittent Fasting It’s the #1 “lazy” way to drop excess body fat. I hate calling this "lazy", but it really is the easiest way to cut your calories and burn more fat without really "doing anything". So, here it goes... "Taking a break from food". Doesn't sound so scary does it? Did you know this is the same thing as "intermittent fasting", yet when you say those words (intermittent fasting), people tend to freak out. It's pretty hilarious to watch and the responses are even funnier... "I'll be so grumpy if I don't eat every 2 hours!" "I'll question my existence without food!" "Your metabolism will shut down, right?" "Won't I lose muscle?" Hey, you know what? I thought these same things about taking a break from food. In fact, I used to think it was a "fad". Then I experimented with it myself years ago. The rest is history. When people ask me why I do it and I've had private clients do it, I reply with this... © Diet Free Weekends 11