Dialogue Volume 15 Issue 1 2019 - Page 66

DISCIPLINE SUMMARIES the ICRC's disposition. The decision sets out the requirements that Dr. Strang recruit a Clinical Super- visor acceptable to the College and that the Clinical Supervisor sign an undertaking with the College within 30 days of Dr. Strang's receipt of the decision. For a variety of reasons, Dr. Strang failed to comply with the 2016 SCERP. On May 16, 2017, the ICRC met to consider Dr. Strang's non-compliance with the SCERP. The ICRC directed an undertaking be signed in lieu of completion of the SCERP. On May 23, 2017, a registered letter was sent to Dr. Strang containing the draft undertaking for his review. The letter states that the College would return the matter to the ICRC if Dr. Strang was unwilling to sign the undertaking. The letter also specified that the ICRC might refer allegations of professional misconduct to the Discipline Committee with respect to non- compliance with the SCERP. No response to the proposed undertaking was received from Dr. Strang. On June 13, 2017, allegations of professional mis- conduct were referred to the Discipline Committee. Dr. Strang retained counsel in March of 2018 and on June 22, 2018, an undertaking executed by Dr. Strang reflective of the terms of the SCERP, together with the Clinical Supervisor's undertaking, was re- ceived by the College. The Committee noted that the public is protected by Dr. Strang’s undertaking not to practise without a supervisor and to immediately cease practising if the supervisor is unable to continue with the supervision. ORDER The Committee ordered: a one-month suspension of Dr. Strang's certificate of registration and a repri- mand. Dr. Strang was also ordered to pay to the College its hearing costs of this proceeding in the amount of $6,000. For complete details, please see the full decision at www.cpso.on.ca. Select Find a Doctor and enter the doctor’s name. At the conclusion of the hearing, Dr. Strang through his counsel waived his right to an appeal and the Commit- tee administered the public reprimand. 66 DIALOGUE ISSUE 1, 2019 DR. EREZ TAMARI PRACTICE LOCATION: Mississauga AREA OF PRACTICE: General Practice HEARING INFORMATION: Admission; Agreed Statement of Facts; Plea of No Contest: Statement of Uncontested Facts; Joint Submission on Penalty On June 13, 2018, the Discipline Committee found that Dr. Tamari has committed an act of professional misconduct, in that he has engaged in an act or omis- sion relevant to the practice of medicine that, having regard to all the circumstances, would reasonably be regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional. Conduct with Patients The Discipline Committee found that Dr. Tamari failed to respond to patient requests to transfer their medical records to other physicians or third parties, such as insurers, in a timely and professional manner, and that he acted inappropriately in the administra- tion and management of his practice. Except for one patient, all the complainant’s medi- cal records that Dr. Tamari provided to the College were incomplete and/or illegible. Dr. Tamari failed to take appropriate measures to back up his medi- cal records when he converted from paper charts to EMR and a number of patient charts were lost in their entirety. Several patients described difficulties in scheduling appointments with Dr. Tamari’s office, issues with the messaging service and that staff was not available or unresponsive to inquiries for records or booking appointments. Particularly important were communication and coverage, since Dr. Tamari was absent, intermittently, from his practice over the years. This mismanagement impacted his patients’ access to care. Breach of Discipline Committee Order In May 2012, following the Discipline Commit- tee’s finding that Dr. Tamari committed professional misconduct, terms, conditions and limitations were imposed on Dr. Tamari’s certificate of registration,