Dialogue Volume 15 Issue 1 2019 - Page 6

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT shared with the Council of the College at a special strategic planning meeting at the end of February and will be reflected in our strategic plan. The CPSO’s approach to listening has also been demonstrated in our consultation re- garding the draft Continuity of Care policy. In recognition of the importance of the policy, Council extended the consultation timelines from the traditional two months to six months. We invited several stakeholders to meetings during the early phase of this policy’s development. When the draft policy was released for input, hundreds of online comments from physicians and members of the public were reviewed in detail. We convened two large stakeholder summits that involved physicians, patient advocates, laboratory leaders, the legal profession as well as the Ontario Medical Association and the Ontario College of Family Physicians. We then met separately with the Ontario Medical Association leadership after the completion of its own extensive feedback process and had very constructive and col- legial exchanges about how our draft policy could be improved. Our delivery of information is also under- going important changes. Our website will undergo revisions to make it easier to find information. We have embarked on a signifi- cant redesign of our policies during this year, with a view to clarifying what is expected of physicians in practice. Our Registrar’s emails to physicians have already garnered praise from the profession and will complement Dialogue. In conclusion, communications matter and the College will continue to listen, reflect, review and revise our approaches so that we communicate consistently to the public we serve and to our members. Thank you. have your say OPEN CONSULTATIONS Complementary/Alternative Medicine Policy Delegation of Controlled Acts Policy The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario values your feedback on policies, regulations, by-laws and other initiatives that are in development, and we invite you to participate in our open consultations. The feedback received through these consultations will be reviewed and considered in light of the College’s mandate to protect the public. We value your feedback and thank you for participating in these policy reviews. THE DEADLINE TO PROVIDE FEEDBACK IS MAY 6, 2019. WWW.CPSO.ON.CA/CONSULTATIONS 6 DIALOGUE ISSUE 1, 2019