Dialogue Volume 15 Issue 1 2019 - Page 46

DISCIPLINE SUMMARIES placed a further call to 911 claiming that there was “ineffective CPR in progress.” When police arrived, it was determined that there was no person in distress and that Dr. Allendes had placed the call because he was waiting to enter the nightclub and being denied access. Dr. Allendes was observed to be intoxicated and acting aggressively toward police. He was ar- rested and charged for being intoxicated in a public place. Dr. Allendes was found to be in possession of cocaine and was also charged with possession for the purposes of trafficking. The possession charge was ultimately stayed and the intoxication charge was ultimately withdrawn. The Committee found that Dr. Allendes’ conduct during this incident consti- tuted disgraceful, dishonourable and unprofessional conduct and conduct unbecoming a physician. Dr. Allendes was placed on a leave of absence from his postgraduate program and his certificate of regis- tration with the College expired in 2014. Dr. Allen- des left the country in September 2015. ORDER The Committee ordered: a nine-month suspension of Dr. Allendes’ certificate of registration; a reprimand; and hearing costs to the College in the amount of $10,180. The Committee noted that because of the expiry of Dr. Allendes’ certificate of registration, no remedia- tion terms were required for the protection of the public because Dr. Allendes would have to fulfill the requirements for registration if he re-applied to become a physician in Ontario. For complete details, please see the full decision at www.cpso.on.ca. Select Find a Doctor and enter the doctor’s name. At the conclusion of the hearing, Dr. Allendes waived his right to an appeal and the Committee administered the public reprimand. 46 DIALOGUE ISSUE 1, 2019 DR. HODA MOHAMED MAHMOUD ALY PRACTICE LOCATION: Toronto AREA OF PRACTICE: Family Medicine HEARING INFORMATION: Agreed Statement of Facts; Admission; Joint Submission on Penalty On May 23, 2018, the Discipline Committee found that Dr. Aly engaged in professional misconduct in that she failed to maintain the standard of practice of the profession, and engaged in acts that would reasonably be regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional. The Agreed Statement of Facts established that: • An individual who was arrested for trafficking Fen- tanyl was found in possession of Fentanyl that had been prescribed by Dr. Aly to Patient C; • NMS data revealed that Dr. Aly was prescribing Fentanyl to four patients; • Two of the patients to whom Dr. Aly prescribed Fentanyl were Dr. Aly’s close personal relatives (Pa- tients C and D); and • Dr. Aly failed to meet the standard of practice of the profession in her narcotics prescribing to all four patients to whom she prescribed Fentanyl in that she: o did not adhere to the Canadian Guideline for Safe and Effective Use of Opioids for Chronic Non-Can- cer Pain in her prescribing; o did not demonstrate an awareness of how to titrate narcotics safely and progressively; o did not use an opioid contract with three of the four patients; o used Fentanyl in high doses with non-compliant patients who were refusing to participate in chronic pain clinics or follow up with chronic pain specialists; o prescribed narcotics to and acted as primary care provider for two close personal relatives with serious medical conditions for years, despite be- ing aware of the College policy on the topic, and despite her relationship with them affecting her objectivity; o did not consistently initiate referrals for her