Dialogue Volume 15 Issue 1 2019 - Page 42

DISCIPLINE SUMMARIES Discipline Summaries The following pages contain summaries of the decisions of the Discipline Committee. To read the entire decision of a particular case, please go to www.cpso.on.ca, select Doctor Search and enter the doctor’s name. A PDF of the decision is posted under Additional Details. 42 NATURE OF PRACTICE Dr. AA Abdurahman General Surgery Dr. AM Alexander NAME NATURE OF PRACTICE 43 Dr. AH Laity Family Medicine 55 General Practice 43 Dr. DC Leduc Family Medicine 55 Dr. FE Allendes Emergency Medicine 44 Dr. CC Lee General Practice 56 Dr. HMM Aly Family Medicine 46 Dr. JD Marcin Family Medicine 57 Dr. VC Dao Family Medicine 47 Dr. JSB Martin Obstetrics/Gynecology 58 Dr. R Feigel Obstetrics/ Gynecology 48 Dr. SLE McArthur Family Medicine 59 Dr. AS Gordon Neurology 48 Dr. PA Mitchell General Practice 59 Dr. ESL Guirguis Family Medicine 49 Dr. A Mossanen Neurology 60 Dr. GA Heymans Family Medicine 50 Dr. GW Otto General Practice 61 Dr. SC Huebel Emergency Medicine 51 Dr. HS Pasternak General Practice 62 Dr. MS Izzeldin Family Medicine 52 Dr. P Picard Neurology 63 Dr. AW Jackiewicz Obstetrics/Gynecology 52 Dr. WA Roy General Practice 63 Dr. DHD Jones General Practice 53 Dr. WWH Rudd General Surgery 64 Dr. S Kayilasanathan General Practice 54 Dr. JD Strang Family Medicine 65 Dr. C Khuon 54 Dr. E Tamari General Practice 66 Family Medicine/ Emergency Medicine DIALOGUE ISSUE 1, 2019 PAGE Appeal Summaries PAGE 67 NAME