Dialogue Volume 15 Issue 1 2019 - Page 3

Practice Partner 27 Doc Talk – How to Treat Stigma  The Mental Health Commission of Canada has reported that many people with mental health problems experience some of the most deeply felt stigma from front-line health-care professionals. We take a closer look in our Doc Talk Column. 31 Peers Helping Peers  Caring for patients with opioid addiction and chronic pain can be challenging in the context of a family practice. However, help is available. 35 35 To Test or Not to Test  Many tests, treatments and procedures may be unnecessary. Open dialogues with patients never are. Discuss with your patients why a particular test might not be in their best interest. 39 Patient Safety – Continuity of Care  Physicians are reminded of the importance of informing patients of critical test results in a timely manner. 31 For Your Information 12 Annual Renewal It is time to renew your certificate of registration. Please note that we won’t be sending out notifications by mail this year. 17 Your Feedback is Wanted We have two open consultations now underway. Let us know what you think. 37 Nominate an Outstanding Physician  The College is now accepting nominations for the 2020 Council Award. The award is presented four times a year to outstanding Ontario physicians.